There will be sun…

As the Annie musical song “Tomorrow” says, there will be sun! A healthy and happy Faith is sunlight in her world as well as ours. We are so thankful that Faith has been doing so well! Faith and I were fortunate to attend the Variety Production of Annie last weekend. Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis is an incredible organization that helps many children with special needs.  Quite a few Variety children had parts in the musical. It was such a phenomenal production and it was very touching to see children of various abilities all working together. Faith did great the entire time we were there and seemed to really enjoy the music! Variety offered us complimentary seats in the “front of the house” so we had a great spot! We truly appreciated their generosity! I enjoyed a great afternoon with my best girl!

Faith sitting in the front row at Annie

We were still trying to decide on a Halloween costume right around the time that Faith went to the Annie musical. Faith enjoyed the musical so much it gave us an idea for her costume. We borrowed the costume and I think Faith made an adorable Annie if I do say so myself!

Faith dressed up as Annie!

Faith on Halloween Day

It is great to see Faith bringing her hands together in this picture. We have been working for a long time on her crossing mid-line and just using her hands more in general.  I am trying to get her hands in everything I possibly can! At home and school, we are really working on opening her hands. Shaving cream, dried beans, corn, and beads are all great! We also have some great books with a variety of textures that we are using more frequently. One of the biggest challenges with Faith is positioning. Her low muscle tone in her neck and trunk makes things tricky at times. Sitting in her feeder seat, side-lying, or standing prone in her stander seem to work the best for most activities.

I am trying to become as educated as possible on working with a child who is deaf-blind. Even though Faith hears well with her hearing aids, her complete lack of vision combined with a mild-moderate hearing loss is very significant. Along with the school staff, I am hoping to learn more ways I can help Faith explore and take in her world. When I am working with Faith, I try to imagine what her world is like. Even though I will never truly understand, I try to keep in mind how different things are for her when introducing new things to her or just interacting with her in general. Lots and lots of narrating! I talk constantly to her telling her everything that we are doing and what is going on around her. It is also so important for me to keep in mind that new places, sounds, voices, and smells may be frustrating or overstimulating to her. I feel that one of Faith’s greatest skills right now is anticipation. She often does really well with verbal cues and shows signs that she knows what is going to happen next. Whether she is getting out of her carseat, kidkart, or getting tickled by daddy, she may raise her eyebrows, turn her head, or giggle.

I continue to be so proud of my super little girl! I am so thankful for her health, happiness, and that beautiful smile!

Keeping the faith,