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United Way of Greater St. Louis Shares Faith’s Story

Click on the link below to read the article: My favorite part of the article: “Faith is teaching us important lessons,” said Debbie Chapuis, family support services coordinator of the Delta Gamma Center. “Each smile or giggle from Faith is a reminder that being able to see, talk or walk is less important than […]

Sweet Oliana

I want to share a new blog, Sweet Oliana. This blog is written by Shannon, the awesome mother of an awesome little girl named Oliana (Oli). Shannon shares Oli’s story and her experiences since Oli’s birth. Oli was born completely blind due to severe bilateral microphthalmia.  Shannon and I have one big thing in common- we […]

Gentle Care for the Anophthalmic or Microphthalmic Child

I got this article in an email from an oculoplastic surgeon tonight. It is very informative and shares the approach this doctor believes is the most effective. Since I recently posted about the hydrogel expanders, I thought I would share this perspective. Once you read about the different options, you will understand how difficult it […]