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23 Months

  Faith went peach picking for the 1st time a few weeks ago. It was a pretty hot day so we went early in the morning and didn’t stay outside long. Faith struggles with body temperature regulation so we knew we had to be cautious but still allow her the experience. In less than a […]

17 Month Update

I am running low on physical and emotional energy right now so this will be a quick update.  We continue to be very sleep deprived and are just trying to get through each day. Faith is averaging a total of 5-6 hours of sleep a day. We are lucky if we can get a 2-3 hour stretch of sleep at a […]

Propped up and proud!

Look at that Super Baby!! This past week, Faith put weight on her elbows and propped up with support from her mama! This is so awesome that Faith started doing this. She has quite a way to go with getting the strength that she will need to keep her head up for long periods or […]

Faith Gets Her 2nd Set of Conformers

Faith went back to the ocularist this week and got her 2nd set of conformers put in. As I mentioned early on, the conformers will help Faith’s face grow symmetrically. This will help prevent any additional ear, nose, and throat problems. The eyes under normal circumstances stimulate the face to grow. Since Faith does not […]

Conformers, the process begins…

Faith went to the ocularist today and got her first set of conformers. The ocularist worked for quite awhile until he got the conformers to fit on both sides. Her openings are very small so it was a bit challenging. The ocularist had to use the pegs otherwise it would be really tough to get […]

Faith Update

Faith is doing well! She has a busy 2 weeks ahead with lots of appointments. Tomorrow, she will meet with her orientation and mobility(O&M) teacher. On Wednesday, she will start the conformer process with the ocularist. We are hoping that things go smoothly and aren’t too traumatic for Faith. She has been such a trooper […]

Philadelphia-Is it Feasable?

I spent almost an hour on the phone this morning with the nurse practitioner that works with a Pediatric Ophthalmologist and a Pediatric Oculo Plastic Surgeon at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Instead of using conformers, he uses hydrogel implants to expand the eye socket. They basically do the same thing as conformers which keep the eye […]

Hydrogel Implants-An Option for Faith

IOP Inc. Launches Osmed™ Hydrogel Tissue Expander Technology for the Treatment of Congenital Microphthalmos/Anophthalmos COSTA MESA, California – March 15, 2002 – IOP Inc., the premier developer and distributor of specialty devices for surgery, has launched yet another unique oculoplastic surgical technology. The Osmed™ Hydrogel Expander technology, a new advancement in tissue expansion, will be […]

Appointments, appointments!

Faith certainly has had her fair share of appointments and will continue to have more. This week so far we had a visit from Early Childhood Intervention(ECI). Faith will need several different services. For now, she will be working with an early interventionist, physical therapist, and vision teacher. She also may need a occupational therapist […]