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Home Sweet Home!

We are very happy to have Faith back home tonight sleeping in her own crib! Faith’s time at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Specialty Hospital helped us to work through some of our concerns with Faith’s nutrition and weight, oral feeding, and overall development. Faith started a new, higher calorie formula that she is tolerating very well. […]

First Week

Faith has been in the pediatric specialty hospital since Monday. Things are going pretty well. She has adjusted really well and has been working so hard. We are trying many new things in many areas. We are trying a new, higher calorie formula and have made a few changes with her feeding schedule. She is […]

Exhausting the Options

Faith’s last two weigh-ins have been rather discouraging. She is just not gaining weight despite everything we are trying. Today, she actually lost weight. Not a horrible loss (about 100 grams), but still a loss. This just makes no sense to me or Faith’s dietitian for that matter. Over the last three weeks, we have […]

Road Trip

This past week we took a road trip to the Mayo Clinic with Faith. Our main reason for making this trip was to do a consultation at the Sleep Center. Faith has been struggling with sleeping adequately and efficiently for quite some time now which was confirmed by the sleep study. The sleep study report […]