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Prayers for Faith

As I mentioned in my last post, Faith has been struggling since we weaned her from the diazepam. She has been very restless and agitated. She is barely sleeping at night. She just cries and screams when she is going through these rough episodes of extreme involuntary movement(chorea) and increased muscle tone. Faith has rough […]

A Trip to the Magic House

The last week or so has been very rough for us. Faith is barely sleeping at all at night so we are running on fumes right now.  Nevertheless, we still always try to keep up with life and seek out positive experiences for Faith! This past Sunday, the Magic House in St. Louis opened its doors free […]

Happy 10 Months, Faith!!

Ten months ago today, Faith joined us in this world! Faith is growing well and reached the 16 pound mark this past month. We are so thankful for her growth and improved health. Faith is showing progress. Her trunk extension has improved and she is tolerating time on her tummy much better. Along with her […]