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Happy 4th Birthday, Super Baby Faith!

As I type this post, I feel so grateful for so much! I thank God for every day with Faith; every smile, every cuddle, every response that indicates understanding. I get emotional as I type this because I know things could be so different. The outcome could have been so much worse many times. I […]

Sweet Oliana

I want to share a new blog, Sweet Oliana. This blog is written by Shannon, the awesome mother of an awesome little girl named Oliana (Oli).¬†Shannon shares Oli’s story and her experiences since Oli’s birth. Oli was born completely blind due to severe bilateral microphthalmia.¬† Shannon and I have one big thing in common- we […]

Guest Post-Thomas Marshall Does It All

My guest post about Faith and our experiences is featured on Thomas Marshall Does It All. This is a blog about a little boy named Thomas who is blind and doing great things. His mom, Jessica updates the blog with ideas and experiences about raising her son. Another great resource for parents of children who […]