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Roaring with Excitement

Thanks to the Wildwood Area Lion’s Club we will be Chicago bound this summer to attend the International Children’s Anophthalmia/Microphthalmia Network (ICAN) conference. The Lion’s Club presented us with a check at their last meeting to cover travel expenses and registration fees. We are so excited for the opportunity to reconnect with families we met […]

Sweet Oliana

I want to share a new blog, Sweet Oliana. This blog is written by Shannon, the awesome mother of an awesome little girl named Oliana (Oli). Shannon shares Oli’s story and her experiences since Oli’s birth. Oli was born completely blind due to severe bilateral microphthalmia.  Shannon and I have one big thing in common- we […]

ican conference 2011

We attended the International Children’s Anophthalmia/Micropthalmia Network (ican) conference this past weekend in Boston, MA.  This was Faith’s first time flying and she did an awesome job. We got very lucky and she slept on both flights! We started off our time in Boston by participating in the multidisciplinary clinic at Tufts Floating Hospital for […]

SuperBabyFaith Arrives Home Nearly One Month After Birth

SuperBabyFaith is home and we couldn’t be happier to all be back at home together! The past month has been rough, but we are so in love with Faith and know that this whole experience has made us stronger already. Faith had her first appointment with the pediatrician today.  It seems that the oxygen issues […]

What is Anophthalmia – Microphthalmia (A/M)?

In layman’s terms Anophthalmia is the medical term that describes the complete absence of the globe and ocular tissue (eye) from the orbit. Microphthalmia is the term used to describe small eyes and it can range from barely noticeable to severe. Severe microphthalmia is essentially the same as anophthalmia. People usually use the terms Anophthalmia […]

Faith Keeps Family Going During Difficult Circumstances

Kyle Family Gives Birth to Baby with Rare Condition September 24, 2009 Kyle, Texas – Kyle residents, Bridget and Mike Wildschuetz, welcomed their new baby girl into this world on September 10, 2009. Faith was born with severe bilateral microphthalmia, a congenital malformation resulting in minimal eye development. Faith also has very small sinuses and […]

Super Baby Faith Benefit Fund

As you can imagine, this family is overwhelmed with medical bills, utility bills and keeping up with the day-to-day activities that we take for granted.  Fellow church members, friends and family have stepped in to help, but additional support is needed. Bridget keeps a positive attitude about her daughter’s prognosis and tells friends, “We have […]