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Happy Summer!

It is officially summer break for Faith. This is the first time in 3.5 years that she doesn’t have a regular full therapy schedule. She is going to get a little bit of a break but we are trying to keep her as engaged and stimulated as possible during her break with various activities as […]

Holiday Spirit

Faith¬†enjoyed some tastes of Thanksgiving this year! ¬†She just loved the cranberries! She did eat a little bit of potatoes but the cranberries really seemed to hit the spot for her and she did the best with them. We were very thankful that she did so great eating! We are very excited about the progress […]

Conformers, the process begins…

Faith went to the ocularist today and got her first set of conformers. The ocularist worked for quite awhile until he got the conformers to fit on both sides. Her openings are very small so it was a bit challenging. The ocularist had to use the pegs otherwise it would be really tough to get […]