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Hearing Loss Update

Faith had her repeat ABR hearing test today. The test results were exactly the same as the last test. Faith’s results still indicate a mild hearing loss. We are thankful that things stayed the same and did not get any worse. We will be following up with the audiologist to determine next steps. Faith will […]

Happy 1 Month Birthday, SuperBabyFaith!

Faith is one month old today! We are so blessed to be home with our baby girl. She is an incredible little girl and we are so lucky to get to be her parents. We are trying to adjust at home and working on figuring out this whole parenting thing. Please pray for Faith this […]

SuperBabyFaith Arrives Home Nearly One Month After Birth

SuperBabyFaith is home and we couldn’t be happier to all be back at home together! The past month has been rough, but we are so in love with Faith and know that this whole experience has made us stronger already. Faith had her first appointment with the pediatrician today.  It seems that the oxygen issues […]