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Faith’s 1st Hearing Aids

After Faith was born, we found out that Faith had some type of hearing loss. After a variety of tests, it was determined that Faith has a mild hearing loss. We were very grateful that the hearing loss was only mild considering the initial possibilities weren’t so great. Faith has a flat, bilateral loss in […]

Hearing Loss Update

Faith had her repeat ABR hearing test today. The test results were exactly the same as the last test. Faith’s results still indicate a mild hearing loss. We are thankful that things stayed the same and did not get any worse. We will be following up with the audiologist to determine next steps. Faith will […]

Sweet Sound

Today, Mike and I took Faith to her appointment with the audiologist. To sum it all up, the sweet sound of the audiologist telling me that my baby girl can hear me was incredible! Going into this appointment we had no idea the extent of Faith’s hearing loss. Of course, it would have been wonderful […]