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Meeting Merrywood

Faith recently started therapeutic horse back riding. Faith has a standing date with a pony named Merrywood every Thursday evening!   It has been such an incredible experience so far! The team of volunteers that is helping with Faith are all so great! They are really brainstorming and working hard to figure out what is […]

New Findings, New Questions, New Treatment

Faith’s muscle tone has been a concern of ours for quite some time now. It makes her uncomfortable and is affecting her ability to make progress in many areas. Faith has very low tone in her trunk and neck and tends to have increased tone in her extremities. She struggled even as an infant being […]

Ladue News Cover Photo Featuring Faith

Faith is on the cover of this week’s Ladue News. For a better view of the photo and to read the article, click on the links below: Digital Ladue News-issuu Digital Ladue News Website Link    

Magical Music Mornings

For quite awhile now, I have wanted to try music therapy with Faith. With all of her other therapies, doctor appointments, and just keeping up with life, we just couldn’t add one more thing.  Recently, Faith was offered a scholarship and our schedule allowed for us to give music therapy a try! Faith just finished […]

My big girl bed!

We decided that it was time to convert Faith’s crib into a toddler bed. Faith is a big girl now, so why not?!  Her continuous kicking along with getting her legs stuck in the crib bars aided our decision. We are hoping to prevent anymore scratches and bruising. We are keeping a close eye on […]

Happy New Year!

We wish the best for you and your family in 2013! Love, The Wildschuetz Family    


Faith’s last few doctor appointments have left us with some decisions to make. Decision #1-Tonsils and Adenoids Removal We saw Faith’s geneticist about a month ago and she was concerned with Faith’s baseline breathing and recommended that we schedule a visit with Faith’s ear, nose, and throat (ENT)  doctor. Faith has always been a loud […]

Sweet Oliana

I want to share a new blog, Sweet Oliana. This blog is written by Shannon, the awesome mother of an awesome little girl named Oliana (Oli). Shannon shares Oli’s story and her experiences since Oli’s birth. Oli was born completely blind due to severe bilateral microphthalmia.  Shannon and I have one big thing in common- we […]

Guest Post-Thomas Marshall Does It All

My guest post about Faith and our experiences is featured on Thomas Marshall Does It All. This is a blog about a little boy named Thomas who is blind and doing great things. His mom, Jessica updates the blog with ideas and experiences about raising her son. Another great resource for parents of children who […]

Three Years Ago…

Three years ago this week, we pulled out of the driveway of our home in Texas for the last time. The place that we were so excited to bring our precious baby girl home to and where we planned to raise our family. We left a church family that we loved, I resigned from my […]

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