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Faith’s last few doctor appointments have left us with some decisions to make. Decision #1-Tonsils and Adenoids Removal We saw Faith’s geneticist about a month ago and she was concerned with Faith’s baseline breathing and recommended that we schedule a visit with Faith’s ear, nose, and throat (ENT)  doctor. Faith has always been a loud […]

Smiles! :)

I really don’t think there is anything better than Faith’s incredible smile! It makes my heart so happy to see her happy and content! The last few days we have seen so many smiles. I think Faith is making up for the several weeks that she just wasn’t feeling well. After almost 5 weeks of […]

Faith Gets Her 2nd Set of Conformers

Faith went back to the ocularist this week and got her 2nd set of conformers put in. As I mentioned early on, the conformers will help Faith’s face grow symmetrically. This will help prevent any additional ear, nose, and throat problems. The eyes under normal circumstances stimulate the face to grow. Since Faith does not […]