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11 Months

I remember last year at this time I was so anxiously awaiting Faith’s arrival. Faith will be 11 months old on Tuesday. Her 1st birthday is just ahead! My baby girl is getting so big! She weighed in this week at 18 lbs. 4 ounces. We are on step 3 of a 4 step process […]

Faith Update

This week has been full of appointments and assessments. Faith’s early intervention services should be starting very soon. Faith is doing ok following the G-tube surgery. She is struggling quite a bit with sleeping at night. We are not exactly sure what is going on with her but it seems that since we started the […]

Hydrogel Implants-An Option for Faith

IOP Inc. Launches Osmed™ Hydrogel Tissue Expander Technology for the Treatment of Congenital Microphthalmos/Anophthalmos COSTA MESA, California – March 15, 2002 – IOP Inc., the premier developer and distributor of specialty devices for surgery, has launched yet another unique oculoplastic surgical technology. The Osmed™ Hydrogel Expander technology, a new advancement in tissue expansion, will be […]

Appointments, appointments!

Faith certainly has had her fair share of appointments and will continue to have more. This week so far we had a visit from Early Childhood Intervention(ECI). Faith will need several different services. For now, she will be working with an early interventionist, physical therapist, and vision teacher. She also may need a occupational therapist […]

SuperBabyFaith Arrives Home Nearly One Month After Birth

SuperBabyFaith is home and we couldn’t be happier to all be back at home together! The past month has been rough, but we are so in love with Faith and know that this whole experience has made us stronger already. Faith had her first appointment with the pediatrician today.  It seems that the oxygen issues […]