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Happy Summer!

It is officially summer break for Faith. This is the first time in 3.5 years that she doesn’t have a regular full therapy schedule. She is going to get a little bit of a break but we are trying to keep her as engaged and stimulated as possible during her break with various activities as […]

Rough Week for SBF

Last week, Faith became a big sister! On the same day, Faith ended up in the ER with a very high temperature and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Luckily, she was able to go home and stay with grandparents as Mike and I were in the hospital with our new baby boy, Graeme. As the week […]

Making progress…

Faith has been doing really well this past month. She seems so much happier, healthier, and just more comfortable in general. The only real change that we made was starting her on Baclofen. This medication is used to reduce muscle tone. Not sure if it just a coincidence, but it really seems to be helping […]

Trin’s Pics

Hey Mom & Dad, check me out!  I outta be in a magazine or something. Marilyn Monroe, eat your heart out.

Come Home Soon Super Baby

Dear Super Baby: Sorry I haven’t been by to see you, but I think about you every day.  I can’t wait until you come home so I can show you around the block and show you off to all my friends.   I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun – I’ve got ALOT of cool […]

SBF’s Big Sis Trinity

Trinity’s my name and watchin baseball on the tube with my dad Mike is my game. I’m the original daddy’s girl, but I’m so excited to meet my Lil baby sister Faith, who’s earned the right to be called Daddy’s Little Princess. Right now, I’m staying over with friends of the family. They are a […]