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Three Years Ago…

Three years ago this week, we pulled out of the driveway of our home in Texas for the last time. The place that we were so excited to bring our precious baby girl home to and where we planned to raise our family. We left a church family that we loved, I resigned from my […]

Propped up and proud!

Look at that Super Baby!! This past week, Faith put weight on her elbows and propped up with support from her mama! This is so awesome that Faith started doing this. She has quite a way to go with getting the strength that she will need to keep her head up for long periods or […]

SBF is making great progress!

SuperBabyFaith is continuing to make great progress. She currently weighs 14 lbs. 10 oz. and is 25 inches tall. She is making great progress in her OT and PT sessions. We are still working on getting head control, but in no time Faith will be doing lots more once we master that. This was a […]

Happy 5 Months, Faith!!

Our True Love

We just love our little sweetheart more and more every day! Faith appears to be growing well! We are very anxious for her appointment with the dietitian tomorrow to find out how much weight she has gained. She is looking much healthier! It is February which means Faith will be 5 months old very soon. […]

Faith Gets Her 2nd Set of Conformers

Faith went back to the ocularist this week and got her 2nd set of conformers put in. As I mentioned early on, the conformers will help Faith’s face grow symmetrically. This will help prevent any additional ear, nose, and throat problems. The eyes under normal circumstances stimulate the face to grow. Since Faith does not […]