SuperBabyFaith Scheduled for First Car Ride Tomorrow

Not the actual car
Not the actual car

Yes, SuperBabyFaith is expected to leave the hospital tomorrow and go for her first car ride! Home being the destination brings a smile to the faces of Mike and I. It has been a tough past month. The emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs has been exhausting. At times, we were experiencing many more downs than ups. This past weekend Faith had a major turn around. She was taken off oxygen and has responded very well since. It is almost unbelievable to us that Faith is scheduled to go home tomorrow. We are so excited to get her home and start life together as a family without the restrictions and stress of the NICU.

We know that leaving the hospital doesn’t end the challenges that are ahead. Our first priority is to address the hearing issue. Since Faith does not have vision, it is crucial that we figure out exactly how much or how little Faith can hear. It is very important that Faith is stimulated so she does not withdraw. We have a referral to see an audiologist who will perform a more advanced test. Until we have an actual diagnosis, we have been given some suggestions on how to keep her stimulated in case she is deaf. For now, we are remaining hopeful and positive!

God has a plan and purpose for SuperBabyFaith and we are beginning to see that already. We ask you to continue praying with us as we continue on this journey of faith.

As always, keeping the faith!