SuperBabyFaith Discharged From Hospital

SuperBabyFaith turned 3 months old today! Wow, it is amazing all that has happened in the past few months. The last few weeks have been tough for Faith. She has been struggling with her feedings. Last week at a doctor visit, she had lost a significant amount of weight and was admitted to the hospital. Almost a week later, Faith was discharged. However, we are no where near out of the woods yet. We are reassured due to the weight Faith has gained over the past week. However, she is still struggling with her eating. We are working to find solutions and answers to this eating problem as we also search for the underlying issue(s) causing the problem.

Last week, we received information about some genetic testing that was done. Faith tested positive for the SOX2 gene mutation. This explains why her eyes did not develop and most likely her hearing loss, small sinuses, and cleft in her chin. There are also many other clinical manifestations that SOX2 contributes to. One of which is post-natal growth failure which could explain why Faith is not gaining much weight. We are praying that Faith will be affected as mildly as possible by this gene mutation. These test results help us to understand more about what is going on with Faith now and what we may face in the future. The SOX2 gene mutation is rare just as anophthalmia and microphthalmia are.  The term SOX2 anophthalmia syndrome is commonly used to describe the various issues associated with SOX2.

Please prayer that Faith will overcome the struggle with eating. We appreciate all of the support and prayers!

As always, keeping the faith!