SuperBabyFaith Arrives Home Nearly One Month After Birth

SuperBabyFaith is home and we couldn’t be happier to all be back at home together! The past month has been rough, but we are so in love with Faith and know that this whole experience has made us stronger already. Faith had her first appointment with the pediatrician today.  It seems that the oxygen issues have been resolved by adding rice cereal to breast milk for thickening purposes. This is helping prevent micro-aspiration in her lungs. All went well today at the appointment and mama and daddy even ended up getting flu shots. Faith has grown 1.25 inches since birth! I think she going to be a tall girl! She did lose a little weight since she was discharged from the hospital yesterday. However, since scales vary and there are other variables to take into consideration it is hard to say for sure.

As I mentioned previously, our focus now is on figuring out the hearing issues. Faith will be going to an audiologist next week for an advanced hearing test that will be able to tell us the extent and type of hearing loss that Faith may have. We also will be beginning to work toward addressing the microphthalmia to ensure proper growth of her face which will involve the use of conformers.

Here is a photo of Faith in her car seat as we were leaving the hospital:


As always, keeping the faith!