Faith has been sick for almost 6 weeks now. She has been stuck at this same point for the most part since we brought her home from the hospital. We still cannot completely get her off oxygen. We get her off for a day or so and then have to put her back on. Last night, we had to put her back on more oxygen than she has been on in quite awhile. She started prednisolone (steroid) last Thursday. We are hoping it will help her move past this place that she seems to be stuck at. She has had some rough coughing episodes this weekend and they continue to be challenging for her to handle. Maybe the prednisolone is helping reduce the inflammation and breaking up some of the gunk in her lungs and resulting in more coughing? We can only hope that is the cause. She still sounds course and crackily when listened to. Her most recent chest x-ray did not look good but still appears to be a viral pattern and not a bacterial pneumonia. RSV is definitely taking its toll this time and it is a long and slow recovery process for little Miss Faith.

We continue to be grateful that we can manage Faith’s care at home but it is exhausting and very emotionally draining at times especially with all the ups and downs and so many unknowns. Just want to get Faith healthy and back into the swing of things!

“Faith makes thing possible, not easy.”

Thanks for the thoughts, prayers, and support!

Keeping the faith,