Smiles! :)

Up, up, up! Working on getting that head up!

I really don’t think there is anything better than Faith’s incredible smile! It makes my heart so happy to see her happy and content! The last few days we have seen so many smiles. I think Faith is making up for the several weeks that she just wasn’t feeling well.

After almost 5 weeks of severe congestion, difficulty breathing, and many sleepless nights we took Faith to see an ear, nose, and throat(ENT) doctor. The doctor determined that Faith has severe inflammation from her nose all the way down to her larynx and into her esophagus. Her acid reflux is so bad that it is getting into her nose. Fortunately, Faith has gotten some relief from steroid and antibiotic nose sprays. We have seen a major improvement in her breathing ability and sleep. However, without more aggressive treatment for the reflux, the cycle of congestion and breathing issues will continue. Faith is scheduled for a procedure this week to get a better assessment of what is going on so that her GI doctor can determine next steps. The pain and discomfort from the reflux has gone on long enough. We have tried many different things with no luck. We need to do this procedure so that  we can determine a solution. Hopefully, if we can solve the reflux problem her quality of life will improve in many areas.

Please keep Faith and the doctors who will be caring for her in your prayers this week especially on Wednesday and Thursday. She will be in the hospital  for this procedure for hopefully only about 2 days. She will have to go under anesthesia so we have some precautions in place since she has had difficulty in the past. We will be happy to get this procedure out of the way and have some information to make decisions about next steps. We are praying for everything to go smoothly and to get back home as soon as possible.

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks:

Faith in a Benik (provides trunk support so Faith can work on head control)

Faith working on "cause and effect" with her switches(in another Benik).

Faith opening her hands to find her snake. Great progress opening her hands!

Faith laughing at the creepy sounds of her witch!

 Thanks for the continued prayers for our SBF!

Keeping the faith,