September Wrap-Up

Wow, it seems like September just started! As always, it has been another busy month of doctor appointments, therapy sessions,and fun times outdoors. September was a month of many firsts. As I mentioned before, we are really trying to get Faith out more to explore the world. During this month, Faith attended her first softball game to cheer on her daddy, her 1st cross country meet, and family day at daddy’s work. The picture above is from today. Faith attended the grandparent’s day session at the Delta Gamma Center. Of course, Faith also had her 1st birthday party!! We have many more activities planned for the month of October that we are excited about. Faith is doing great on her outings and seems to really love being outside!

Unfortunately, the past 10 days or so have been pretty rough for Faith. She has been sick. We ended up in the ER last week when Faith had a temperature of 103 degrees. Initially, we were told it was probably viral but after a review of the chest x-ray it was determined that she did have a small bit of pneumonia. We had to start Faith on antibiotics and the effects haven’t been too pretty. She has been extremely congested and dealing with a cough as well. We are really ready to get past this illness because it has taken a toll on our little sweetie. During this illness, Faith’s sleep issues have gotten out of control. We are hoping for some relief when she is 100% over being sick. Faith is practically staying up all night. Many nights we are not able to get her asleep until between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. We are emotionally and physically drained and would appreciate intense prayers for resolution with Faith’s sleep issues. We have been dealing with this for so long and understand the detrimental impact it is having on our family. Only getting 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night is just not healthy. Most importantly, sleep is so crucial for Faith’s growth and development and she is severely sleep-deprived. We have tried pretty much everything that has been recommended to us by health professionals. We are consulting with specialists and are hoping and praying for a solution or at least an improvement in Faith’s sleep.

Our other big concerns right now are reflux and eating. We are exploring ideas with her doctors and therapists on how to get the reflux under control and get some relief for Faith. Our hope is that if we can get the reflux under control, Faith may be more willing to eat orally.

We are counting our blessings and are so thankful for our beautiful little girl! We appreciate the continued support and prayers for our daily challenges. Right now, a solution to Faith’s sleep issues seems impossible. We know that faith makes things possible, not easy! God can do the impossible, so please join us in prayer!

Keeping the faith,