Run for Sight 2011

Team Super Baby Faith participated in the Run for Sight again this year to benefit the Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments. Great job, Team Super Baby Faith for raising  $1,595.00. We truly appreciate everyone who ran or walked on Sunday, or made a donation if you couldn’t be at the event. The Delta Gamma Center is a great resource for our family and provides many services and programs to Faith and other children with visual impairments in the St. Louis area. We are grateful for your support and generosity! We look forward to expanding Team Super Baby Faith next  year and will be looking for a corporate sponsor to support our team! Here are some pictures of Faith at the Run for Sight:

Faith relaxing in her stroller with her sunglasses!

Faith and her cousin.

In other news, Faith seems to really be making some progress developmentally. The last few weeks she has really been working on rolling more consistently. At times, it is more of a half way roll but this is very exciting to us. Faith also just started vocalizing much more. We went through periods before where she had been vocalizing relatively well, but it just kinda stopped. We are hopeful that Faith’s development will start picking up a bit. Faith is smiling a lot and seems happy more often! We are working on a plan with pulmonology to try to make Faith more comfortable and address some of the issues she is experiencing with the coughing, gagging, and choking. Oral feeding is very inconsistent and continues to be a challenge. Some days she will do great and other days she won’t even open her mouth.  Thanks for your continued prayers for Faith’s progress and health!

Keeping the faith,