Rough Week for SBF

Last week, Faith became a big sister! On the same day, Faith ended up in the ER with a very high temperature and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Luckily, she was able to go home and stay with grandparents as Mike and I were in the hospital with our new baby boy, Graeme. As the week went on, Faith got worse. Eventually, Faith ended up back in the ER and was really struggling. She was coughing non-stop and struggling to catch her breath. I briefly got to go down to the ER from my hospital room to see her and I knew right away that she was a very sick little girl. I was very scared and worried about Faith. After about 10 hours that day in the ER, she was transported late that night to the bigger children’s hospital where all of her specialists are located. We knew at that point that she had pneumonia still and now also a urinary tract infection (UTI). They started her on humidified oxygen on the ambulance ride and she stayed on that for several days which seemed to help. Next, we were told that Faith also had respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).  Finally, the doctors suspected that Faith might also have a staph infection based on staph bodies found in her blood. As they waited for the blood cultures, they started her on IV antibiotics. We were told that Faith may be in the hospital for another week or longer. Fortunately, a few days later a staph infection was ruled out. It appears that the blood sample was contaminated.

I was able to come home with baby Graeme on Friday but we have had to take precautions to ensure that he does not get RSV. I was not able to visit Faith in the hospital and Mike stayed with Faith at the hospital and avoided contact with Graeme by not coming home. Mike did an excellent job of managing everything with Faith. It is hard enough taking care of Faith when both of us work together so Mike really had his hands full. Faith had many nights of non-stop coughing, little sleep, and a great deal of irritability and discomfort.

Fortunately, Faith was discharged from the hospital last night since she no longer needs to be on IV antibiotics. She is still not able to come home as we cannot take the risk of Graeme being exposed to RSV. Mike and her are staying with family for now.

Faith seems to be doing a lot better. I have been calling Mike and talking to her on the phone and she seems to be getting back to herself. She is smiling more again and Mike said she even started giggling today. She is still on antibiotics to treat the pneumonia and UTI. We are hoping and praying that we can get her healthy and keep her healthy. She had been doing so well before all of this!

We are extremely grateful for our family and friends that have been helping us through the challenges of having a sick child and a new baby. We truly appreciate the extra help with Faith and Graeme, the delicious meals and snacks, lawn mowing, prayers, etc. It means so much to us that so many people love and care about us so much to offer and provide their help.

We look forward to all being together at home and for Faith to meet her new little brother soon! God has answered many prayers this past week and I am just so grateful for so much!

Keeping the faith,