Roaring with Excitement

Thanks to the Wildwood Area Lion’s Club we will be Chicago bound this summer to attend the International Children’s Anophthalmia/Microphthalmia Network (ICAN) conference. The Lion’s Club presented us with a check at their last meeting to cover travel expenses and registration fees. We are so excited for the opportunity to reconnect with families we met at the last conference in Boston in 2011. We are also eager to have Faith re-evaluated by the genetics team as well as several other specialists. The conference will also provide new strategies and ideas for us to help Faith. We know that our time in Chicago for the conference will be so beneficial and encouraging for us.  A special thanks to Randy and Kay Ladd for helping us bring Faith’s story to the attention of their Lion’s Club. We are so blessed with the love and support they have for Faith and our family!

Here are a few pics from the meeting:


Mike, Faith, and I with the Lion’s Club president


Mike, Faith, and I with Randy and Kay Ladd

Keeping the faith,