Propped up and proud!

Propped up and proud!

Look at that Super Baby!! This past week, Faith put weight on her elbows and propped up with support from her mama! This is so awesome that Faith started doing this. She has quite a way to go with getting the strength that she will need to keep her head up for long periods or to sit or crawl. However, she is making progress. Faith had a short period where she was sleeping really great. It seems that the improvement in sleep gave her a bit more energy to work hard. Faith also has been doing much better with oral feeds. We have been giving her seconds on some of her baby foods! Her nutrition is still primarily through the G-button but we are excited that she seems more interested in and tolerant of her oral feeds.

Not really sure what I can update about Faith’s sleep behavior. We had gone through a pretty rough time this past week again and then last night she did great. It is really hit and miss. We are going to see a pediatric neurologist who specializes in sleep disorders soon so we are hoping for some answers to many of our questions. Faith just finished up another antibiotic. Yes, pneumonia again! We are trying to determine the cause. We are going to be taking Faith in for another barium swallow test to rule out aspiration.

Faith will be going back to the ocularist soon. We are hoping that she has made some progress and that she will be ready for larger conformers. It has been about 5 months since her current set of conformers were put in.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we continue to count our blessings. We are very grateful for Faith’s progress. Even in the moments when progress seems very slow, we know how fortunate we are to have such a beautiful and incredible little girl!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Faith in her stander

Looking cute, of course!