Pneumonia, AGAIN…

Faith has pneumonia, AGAIN! This is the 4th time in her 19 months of life. We ended up in the ER Saturday when Faith had a fever in the 104 degree range. It was kinda weird because she wasn’t really symptomatic besides just seeming very lethargic and warm. She does have a bit of a cough now but that didn’t start right with the fever. However, Faith always seem to cough a bit anyway along with her gagging and choking issues so it isn’t necessary something out of the ordinary for her. In the ER, they did the chest x-ray which confirmed the pneumonia right away. The question now is what is causing the pneumonia. Is Faith aspirating or does she have some type of immunodeficiency that is causing her lungs to be more susceptible? We will be following up with pulmonology to discuss further. We have already discussed her previous pneumonia illnesses with them. We also requested immunology work-up in the past on her which came back normal. However, it is possible that more specific testing may be needed in her case. The four occurrences seem very excessive to us and we need some answers.

Faith is very lifeless and lethargic right now. This pneumonia is explained to us as being global and is covering a large area of her right lung. We are hoping that her recovery is speedy and that she will be back to herself soon. She is on antibiotics and her fever is down.

We are thankful that Faith was able to come home from the hospital and that we can manage her care at home. It has been a crazy weekend with all of the severe weather, tornadoes, and devastation. We were about a half mile away from where a tornado touched down Friday night.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the people very close to where we live that have lost homes or are dealing with homes that are severely damaged. It is truly a miracle that there were no deaths during this disaster.

Hope everyone had a happy and blessed Easter!

Keeping the faith,