Playing catch up…

I will be playing catch up on this post and will try to summarize what Faith has been up to. I am super busy these days so I just haven’t had the time to post in awhile. Faith is now 21 months old!

Faith is definitely making progress with her motor skills, it is slow and subtle but we are really seeing her do some great things. Rolling is continuing and head control is getting better. Faith is holding up her head for longer periods of time. We are still dealing with the head flop, but overall it is getting better.

Oral feeds are about the same. However, Faith seems more interested in licking and tasting. We are working with her on licking lollipops and popsicles.

Unfortunately, Faith had pneumonia again this month. We just finished up another antibiotic. This was her 6th pneumonia in 21 months. Obviously, very concerning to us. We are trying a new medication called Robinul that helps to reduce secretions. We suspect that Faith may be aspirating her own secretions when she coughs, gags, and chokes. So far, so good! She seems to be tolerating the medication well and does seem to be doing better. We are hoping for a healthy rest of the summer!

Faith just got her new Kid Kart! This will serve as a stroller, but when we are at home the high/low base will serve as a positioning device as well as a place for Faith to play and eat. It has a tray that latches on so we can put toys on it for Faith to find. She looks so big in it! Here is a picture of Faith in the Kid Kart high/low base:

Faith’s smiles and laughs are always the best part of our days. She is such a beautiful little girl that continues to bless us in so many ways. We are so proud of her hard work and determination!

Keeping the faith,