Out and About

Faith has been struggling with getting over being sick. It seems like she is always sick or trying to get over being sick. The last 4 weeks or so she has been running fevers or at least low-grade temps. She was also very congested, had a bad cough, and was vomiting. Faith’s reflux has also been really bad again.  Last week, her doctor heard wheezing while listening to her and so we had to start her on  breathing treatments. Ironically, through all the sickness Faith’ s sleep has improved greatly. It is hard to get too excited becuase we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. For now, we are enjoying the improvement and the fact that we seem to have found a medicine that seems to help her sleep. Although it is very slow, Faith is showing progress with her development. She is holding up her head more and doing better on her tummy everyday. She is working hard!

Faith seemed to be feeling better today so we headed out this morning to the Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments for their weekly session. It was nice to get out and about for a fun activity with Faith! Faith enjoyed riding around in a wagon. She participated in her 1st easter egg hunt of the season! They even had eggs that talked and made sounds!!  Here are some photos from today’s egg hunt:

Nice fine motor, Faith!!

Hanging out in the wagon with her eggs!

We are enjoying the nice weather and have gotten out for a few walks in Faith’s stroller! We are hoping that Faith will be healthy this spring and that her progress will continue. We are so proud of this little sweetheart!

Happy Spring!

Keeping the faith,