Little Miss Giggles!!

Faith is continuing to be doing really well! She is all smiles these days! It is just so incredible for us to see her so happy! I even captured one of her giggle moments on camera:


It seems that Faith is really recognizing our voices more consistently and that we are making some progress with receptive language. It is very subtle at times but every little indicator means so much to us. The other day I had to call Mike at work and I turned on the speaker. Mike said, ” Hi, Faith!” and she immediately got a huge smile on her face and just lit up.  Another time in the middle of the night, Faith had woke up and was upset. Mike went in and said a few things to reassure her that she was ok and she immediately stopped crying. Both of these situations gave us some reassurance that Faith is making progress. One thing I can say as a parent of a child with special needs is that I don’t think I will ever take anything for granite, no matter how small or insignificant that it may seem to other parents. Every little thing that Faith does to show progress is a blessing to us! We realize how every day we have with Faith is a gift and every smile and cuddle are the highlights of each day.

We have been trying out a kid walk with Faith. This piece of equipment is a great way to get her standing and allows more movement into her day. She is doing really well in it and we are hoping that the early intervention program will help us get one for Faith to use long-term.

Faith in the kid walk

Faith is growing well and much healthier overall! We continue to pray for progress with her development. We truly appreciate all the love, support, and prayers from family and friends along our journey!

Keeping the faith,