It’s Great to be 8!!

Faith is officially eight years old! We were so thankful to celebrate Faith’s birthday on September 10th! Faith has been doing very well this past month! She has been happy, content, and full of smiles! Faith had a rough summer. She was hospitalized twice and in the PICU due to septic shock and bowel issues. She was a very sick little girl. We are so grateful for her incredible strength and resilience. She has had a great start to her 2nd grade school year. She continues to love school and just thrives there. She has amazing teachers, therapists, and a one-on-one nurse that are all so invested in helping her learn and work so well with her to help her make progress.

Faith will be granted a wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation next month. Her wish is for a symphony concert which was motivated by her love for music. This will also be an opportunity for our family to raise awareness about her SOX2 gene mutation and unique medical challenges in the hopes of helping other children in the future as well.

Despite her daily challenges, Faith continues to persevere. Her smile, determination, and sweet personality continue to have a lasting impact on those who get to know her. Thanks for all the continued thoughts and prayers! For more frequent updates, please follow Super Baby Faith on facebook or twitter.