Hydrogel Implants-An Option for Faith

IOP Inc. Launches Osmed™ Hydrogel Tissue Expander Technology for the Treatment of Congenital Microphthalmos/Anophthalmos

COSTA MESA, California – March 15, 2002 – IOP Inc., the premier developer and distributor of specialty devices for surgery, has launched yet another unique oculoplastic surgical technology. The Osmed™ Hydrogel Expander technology, a new advancement in tissue expansion, will be used by oculoplastic surgeons for the treatment of Congenital Microphthalmos/Anophthalmos.

The Osmed™ has a distinctive advantage over the application of incremental sized conformers. The expanding hydrogel is capable of achieving expansion within weeks rather than months, giving the ocularist the ability to fit a cosmetic prosthesis much earlier. This new therapy has been described by clinicians as “one of the most promising innovations in tissue expansion.”

“We are pleased to introduce this new innovation for Anophthalmos and Microphthalmos cases.” said Jason Malecka, President of IOP Inc. “This technology provides doctors with another option to make an impact on these rare and complicated cases.”

The Osmed™ Hydrogel Tissue Expander is available as a sphere in three sizes – 2.0 ml, 3.0 ml and 4.0 ml.

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