Hope for Spring

It has been a rough winter for Faith. Pneumonia, RSV, rhinovirus, coronavirus, and other undetected viruses have sure taken their toll on Miss Faith. We have spent a lot of time in the hospital the past few months. We are truly ready for spring with the hope that it will bring good health for our super girl! We pursued some bloodwork to look at Faith’s immunoglobulin(antibody) levels. There are several different types of immunoglobulins. Faith’s bloodwork results indicated that her immunoglobulin A levels were undetectable. Faith is considered to have selective IgA deficiency based on these results. This is most likely contributing to Faith’s frequent illnesses. We have an appointment with an immunologist next week in which she will most likely get an official diagnosis. She has been on a prophylactic antibiotic and may need to be long-term. We are very anxious for the immunology appointment as we have many questions.

Faith’s neurological issues are complicating things when she is sick. The past few months she has presented several times as if she is in septic shock and has gone through a lot to rule out that she doesn’t have a serious blood infection.  We are hoping that we can investigate some of these issues more so that when she is sick we can avoid unnecessary testing if it just the way Faith’s body responds due to her neurological issues. It is a tricky situation for sure.

Faith is not going to school indefinitely and is currently receiving homebound services. We are remaining hopeful that she will get to return to school but right now she needs time to allow her body to completely recover.

We have definitely had some scary moments the past few months and are very grateful that Faith always bounces back. We do have significant concerns of how frequent Faith has been sick and that it is seeming much more difficult for her to bounce back. We continue to search for answers and advocate for Faith the best we know how. Thank you all for your continued thoughts, prayers, and support! It means so much to us through the stressful times. Faith is a blessed girl to have so much love and support!

Keeping the faith,