Hand Use and Textures

Faith’s hands have been busy! We have been continuing to really work on using her hands and exploring different textures. Lots of projects and activities these past few weeks! With the holiday season approaching, we have done some holiday themed projects. I thought I would share a few!

Project 1: Decorate a turkey

This was actually a school homework project. We found all sorts of items with different textures to glue on including Halloween candy wrappers, rice, macaroni noodles, tissue paper, yarn, ivy and leaves from outside, play-doh, and Cheerios.  Faith even held a crayon and with some help drew a turkey inside of her turkey! The blue border is made out of wiki sticks to add a bit of texture and to help Faith feel and locate the edges.

Faith holding her turkey before we headed to school to turn in her homework!

Project #2: Make salt dough hand print ornaments

Well, I will honestly say that this project didn’t go as I had planned but I did manage to get at least one good hand print of both of the kids. We may still decorate and will hang as ornaments but I think we are skipping the next step which involved turning them into Santa faces. This idea looks a lot easier on paper than it turned out to be, at least for me!

Faith making her hand print with a little help from mama!

Faith’s finished hand print still in need of some color and a ribbon to hang it up.

Other activities:

Texture Squares

We have used these texture squares since Faith was an infant. They have been a great way for her to feel different textures and explain to her what she is feeling. For example, the black one feels like fur. So we call it “furry” like Trin (our dog). I am trying to use them more with her again since they are easy to put on her tray to search for or can easily be placed in her hands when we are working on opening her hands. Of course, they end up on the floor pretty quickly too! 🙂

Silky, leather,corduroy, felt-e, velcro-e, and furry like Trin

Oreo time!

Well, this wasn’t a “hands” activity but it was definitely a good texture opportunity. Eating and oral stimulation is still a struggle for Faith but it is something that we still work on daily. We do daily oral feedings with Faith and try different ways to stimulate her orally. She is doing better with tooth brushing and other oral manipulation, but it is still a work in progress. This activity was all daddy’s idea and he did a great job with Faith! He blended up oreo cookies and did an oral feeding with her. Blended up oreo cookies definitely have a unique texture! Overall, Faith did pretty good and went straight into the bathtub after her snack experience!! 🙂

Daddy’s little cookie monster!

Faith’s fists are often very tight or her muscle tone in her hands is so low that she can barely grasp an object. Since her tone fluctuates, we just try to adjust as we go. Faith’s hands are her eyes so everything that we can get her to experience through her hands is very important and helpful to her taking in the world around her.  We are hoping to do lots more exploring throughout this holiday season!

Keeping the faith,