Faith Update

Faith hanging out at home in her St. Louis Cardinals gear on opening day!

Things have been a bit hectic since my last post. Faith was a sick little girl! She ended up being admitted to the hospital last week for a couple of days. She was admitted due to respiratory distress. Her respiration rate was double what it should have been, her breathing was very rapid, and overall she was just really struggling. She was on oxygen for awhile to give her a little help. It was determined that Faith had parainfluenza. Faith had all the typical respiratory stuff plus a croup cough. This flu hit Faith especially hard most likely because her tone is so low in her trunk/ neck region. It is much harder to cough forcefully and fight a virus when your body is just much weaker than a typical developing child. We are hoping that Faith’s development will progress by next winter so that if she gets sick her body will be able to manage it better.

Since Faith was discharged from the hospital last Tuesday, she is doing much better. She has actually been very happy and hyper. She is playing well and we are working very hard on her development. Oral feeding continues to be a top priority. We are adjusting her tube feeding schedule to see if it will influence her eating behavior at all. Lots of patience, determination, and brainstorming to hopefully someday get Faith eating on her own!

Faith went to the dentist for the first time today. As suspected, Faith has at least one extra tooth. We are going to wait a couple of months and see what happens. Unfortunately, the tooth most likely will either have to be pulled or removed surgically. If not removed, it could cause issues with her permanent teeth and tongue. I was really hoping that Faith was going to catch a break but due to her mid-line issues we figured we would have to deal with teeth problems at some point. For now, we will just be watching things and wait it out. It was reinforced today that we need to start brushing Faith’s teeth. Due to Faith’s oral aversion, I’m sure this is going to be traumatic for all involved. After talking with the dentist today, I learned that there are different concerns for children who are primarily tube fed vs. fed orally with plaque build-up, etc. so it is really important but will definitely be challenging.

We are hoping for a healthy spring for Faith! Happy Spring, everyone!

Faith's 1st Easter egg hunt of the season at the Delta Gamma Center!

Keeping the faith,