Category: Updates from Faith’s Mama and Daddy

Special Thanks to Martin Marietta Materials

We would like to give special thanks to Martin Marietta Materials(Mike’s previous employer) for their generous donation to the SuperBabyFaith benefit fund. The company did a fundraiser to raise money for Faith. Many of their vendors also contributed to the benefit fund. Thanks to all of you at Martin Marietta who helped organize the fundraiser. […]

With Immense Gratitude…

Mike and I would like to express our immense gratitude to all of you that have responded so positively to Faith’s story. Words cannot express the appreciation we have for all of you who have sent us emails, posted supportive comments, and donated to the SuperBabyFaith benefit fund. We would love to personally thank each […]

Special Thanks!

A special thanks goes out to Rafael Marquez and Michelle Arriaga. These two are the awesome friends of Mike and I who bought and created this website. They are incredible friends and have gone above and beyond for us during these tough times. We will be forever grateful for their efforts and kind hearts! […]

Remaining Hopeful After Referred Hearing Screening

We found out late Wednesday night and then got confirmation yesterday that Faith had a hearing screening on the 15th of September. We were under the impression that she would not get a hearing test until right before she was going to be discharged. Apparently she did not “pass” the screening. They look at certain […]