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Seven Years Ago…

Seven years ago today, our journey of raising a child with special needs began. It was a life changing day. During a follow-up ultrasound, I was told that our baby girl’s eyes had not developed. The best case scenario I was given was that she would be blind and the worse case scenario was that […]

Faith’s 2015

As 2015 comes to an end, I wanted to find a few minutes to summarize Faith’s past year. As I type today, I can find peace in how she is doing right now and hope in what 2016 will bring. I would say that 2015 was Faith’s toughest year yet. The heartbreaking three months that […]

Home Sweet Home!

FYI- I started to write this post quite awhile ago and just haven’t had the time or energy to complete it so finally I am making the time. Let’s start off with a happy Faith pic! So beautiful! After nearly three months in the hospital, Faith is back home! She has been home for over […]

Wrapping up 2014

Since I just can’t seem to find the time or energy to do many blog posts, I figured I would do an end of year post summarizing Faith’s year. Faith started out 2014 in the hospital trying to recover from rhinovirus and RSV. These hit her hard and took months to recover. It didn’t help […]

Happy 5th Birthday, Super Baby Faith!

Faith is 5 years old!!! Faith turned five on September 10th. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Super Baby Faith!!! This website has been going strong for 5 years now! Thank you so much Rafael Marquez for continuing to host and giving us the opportunity to share Faith’s life!

Back to School 2014!

Good thing for the SBF facebook page and twitter updates, because any other updates to the website have been pretty minimal recently. I’m a busy mom, what else can I say! I will try to give a quick summary of the past few months since my last post. As you probably read from my last […]

Summer Smiles!

Virgil said,¬† “The greatest wealth is health.” As a health teacher, I always had several quotes hanging on the walls of my classroom and this was one of them. It always stood out as a simple yet powerful quote about how invaluable good health is. Since then it has spoken even more truth as we […]

Five Years Ago…

Five years ago on April 14th, I returned to the doctor for a repeat ultrasound. The week before I had went in due to some issues I was having. The sonographer did the typical¬†anatomy ultrasound and we found out we were having a girl! I was almost 19 weeks pregnant at the time.¬† The doctor […]

Hope for Spring

It has been a rough winter for Faith. Pneumonia, RSV, rhinovirus, coronavirus, and other undetected viruses have sure taken their toll on Miss Faith. We have spent a lot of time in the hospital the past few months. We are truly ready for spring with the hope that it will bring good health for our […]


Faith has been sick for almost 6 weeks now. She has been stuck at this same point for the most part since we brought her home from the hospital. We still cannot completely get her off oxygen. We get her off for a day or so and then have to put her back on. Last […]

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