Back to School


First Day of Pre-School 2013

Faith is back to school and doing great! She just started her second year of pre-school. Her daily notes from her teachers and therapists have been so positive and encouraging. Faith is definitely making progress! Faith seems to be understanding more and showing a response more often to what is going on around her. I am so proud of this little girl! Check out the videos below of Faith’s beautiful smile and giggles:




(Click on the link for each of the videos above then click again on the link when the new page opens.)

I think these videos speak for themselves in terms of the progress Faith is making! 🙂 It is so great to see her so happy and engaged in various activities!

We seem to have worked through some of the issues Faith was having with managing her secretions. We made some medication changes that seem to be helping. Unfortunately, the chorea has not improved so we will most likely be doing more medication changes very soon.

Happy Back to School everyone!

Keeping the faith,