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Superbaby Faith in the hospital again

Update from Rafael: Just wanted to post a quick update from Mike and Bridget. Superbaby Faith was admitted to the hospital in St. Louis the morning of Friday, December 4 . Apparently, she’s underweight and was having some other issues. Bridget asks that we all pray for Faith and that we keep them all in […]

Last day at The Connection Church

By Rafael: The last Sunday that the Wildscheutz’ were in Kyle, our pastor brought us all up on stage at the end of the service so we could commission Mike, Bridget and Baby Faith before they left for St. Louis. The video was shot on Zi8 flip cam, so it’s a little shaky.

Trin’s Word of the Day – EMPANADAS

Today Trin got her first taste of one of Venezuela’s national Treat – the Empanada.  (em-pan-a-da)  This succulent treat is a turn over filled with beef (we also made some with cheese/meat)  The breading is made from arepa mix and then loaded with meat.  Folded over, sealed by pinching along the edges and then deep […]

Trin Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Check out Trin’s photo shoot in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Faith’s Video Debut

Trin, the dog, eats a potato chip

I thought I would post something a bit humorous today. I was working on the computer, eating some chips when Trin came up and begged for some. Sorry Mike and Bridget, but we’re spoiling the living daylights out of Trin. Here’s the recording. trin-eating-potato-chip

Trin’s Pics

Hey Mom & Dad, check me out!  I outta be in a magazine or something. Marilyn Monroe, eat your heart out.

Come Home Soon Super Baby

Dear Super Baby: Sorry I haven’t been by to see you, but I think about you every day.  I can’t wait until you come home so I can show you around the block and show you off to all my friends.   I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun – I’ve got ALOT of cool […]

Trin’s Word of the Day: CHORIZO

Well, it has truly been a pleasure having Trinity with us these past few weeks.  She is an awesome dog and really has adjusted to our diverse lifestyle.  Last week we wrote about her experience with Migas – well this week we want to share with you her experience with CHORIZO.  For those of you […]

What is Anophthalmia – Microphthalmia (A/M)?

In layman’s terms Anophthalmia is the medical term that describes the complete absence of the globe and ocular tissue (eye) from the orbit. Microphthalmia is the term used to describe small eyes and it can range from barely noticeable to severe. Severe microphthalmia is essentially the same as anophthalmia. People usually use the terms Anophthalmia […]

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